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wedding night in jail after the clock clocked him going 100 miles per hour . he told the cop he wasalate for the ceremony. >> it is time for your awesomely bad christmas cards and photos. we asked you send in the picture. this is bailey and bondy from new york piper was the [kwro-upg]er one. this is my family. my youngest son gauge putting the finishing touches on the ginger bread house. hekeep sending in the card and photos . have a great day. "fox and friends" starts right now. have a good day. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday december 12, 12, 12, 12. i am gretchen carlson.
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folks news alert. we now know who the gunman is who shot up a mall full of christmas shorps . three people have died. we will have a live witness. >> steve: and a new tone set by democrats and it looks like this. a folks news contributor gets beaten up by a pro union protestors. steven crowder is live here to explain what happened in michigan. kaboom. >> brian: first we called him an owner and then a governor and then mr. president . soon someone might be able to call him grandpa. "fox and friends" will have that story. it starts now. ♪
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"fox and friends". >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. we'll start with a folks news alert. breaking newings. witnesses say he stormed in a portland, oregon mall shouting i am the shooter. terrified shoppers tried to run for safety. the man wearing body armor and came flauge killed two people and seriously injured a third before taking his own life. many escaped and others hunkered down. the mall remains closed today and police have yet to release the name of the shooter although they know who he s. >> steve: shawn [-fls] shopping in the mall when they heard the gunshots and they join us live from portland. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> steve: shawn you and your girlfriend and ryan had just
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sat down in the food court and made a purchase at panda express and opened a fortune cookie that said what? >> i opened my fortune cookie that said live for today and remember yesterday and live for tomorrow. >> steve: that's when you heard what? >> i heard the first pop. >> gretchen: what did you think it [-fls]? >> at first i thought member dropped something heavy until the second and third pop and i knew it was a gunshot and i dropped on the ground. >> brian: brian when did you figure out what was happening. >> i was oud of panda express and pretty much all i remember is a big laud bang and then the next thing i know, i blacked out and i was on the
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ground. >> steve: shawn, i know you work as a security guard, not at that particular mall though. how many gunshots did you think you heard and did you hear the shooter hear him yell anything? >> yes, i did. i heard three gunshots and after thely gunshots and the shooter yelled everybody on the ground. everybody on the ground. at that point and we got up and started run [skp-g] i heard five more shots and i heard a couple more . 16 shots total that i heard. >> gretchen: so it sounds like why would he advise people to get on the ground if it [-fls] an attempt to get a mass killing. do you think he was targeting particular people. >> i have honestly no idea. it sounds like the guy just went in there and baskly not
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doing really what all he wanted to do but he knew what he wanted to do. >> brian: ryan, as you think about it. you can see you are in a open area. i understand that there was a feeling that the guy's jum jammed but he had a bullet to kill himself. did you hear any frustrated calls or anything like that. >> i didn't hear anything like that. me, shawn and his fiance were outside at the time. >> steve: shawn. when you realized that there were gunshots nearby in a mall, what did you think was going to happen? >> honestly to tell the truth, i thought i was going to be killed. all i can think about was survival and get out, but i had the doubt in my mind that i may not get out >> chris:
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well, you did and you are alive to tell the story today. shawn wik and ryan lamar thank you for telling the story. how ironic right after he read the fortune cookie. >> gretchen: i wonder if he had time to scoop it up and put it in his pocket. now the other story making headlines. celebration in the streets of north korea as the country defied world leaders launching a long-range missile. it was call would a success. norad said part of the rocket fell in the yellow stone and the other in the philippines sea. world leaders worry that north korea will deliver technology capable of delivering a war head to reach the west coast. the un security council is
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expected to meet together about the last launch. >> a former roommate of a terrorist. they were arrested on the way to africa to join the terrorist group. the men planned to wage jihad there. they were added to the most wanted terrorist list last month. he found two rifles at the scene of a murder and now he will come face to face with a border agent's family. he was part of a 20-person ring buying guns and smuggling in mexico. terry's cousin plans to peek at the sentencing and push for the maximum sentence. >> it is a title that could rifle the title of president. according to reportings, president george bush is about to become a grandfather for the first time.
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his daughter jenna expecting their first child. they have been married four years and said to be thrill would. last year the 31 year old admitted to people magazine that her parents wanted her to start having grandchildren and those are the headlines. congratulations. >> steve: absolutely, that is great. >> brian: talking about what happened yesterday. right to work [-fls] rumored to be something that people of michigan were thinking about . the legislature of michigan [-fls] thinking back. if this is finally signed by the republican governor there will be push back if it is over due. it is in the time of the world when competition can't thrive and manufacturing cost was going up . there was turbulence yesterday as over 12,000 came out to protest the legislation. on top of that people think it was lot less original low
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thought. >> steve: steven crowder who is a friend of fox for a long time. he was asking people including the people what was the deal. why don't you want people to have the rights to choose whether or not to pay dues that. guy slugged steven four times. he had a chip tooth and laceration across the head and he is joining us this morning on "fox and friends". the response from the left threats and violence. some guy with a knife tore down a tent that was belonging for americans with prosperity and fell down on top of men and women and two people in wheelchairs. >> gretchen: the interesting thing, the democratic member of representative for michigan on the house floor said there will be blood. here he is. this is representative douglas
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giess. >> we are going to pass something that will undo a hundred years of labor relations and there will be blood! >> gretchen: i mean. >> steve: there blood on steven crowder. >> gretchen: didn't president obama after the massacre in tucson a year and half ago in january, after that he gave an amazing speech by many accounts saying you know what, let's stop the vitrol nature of discussion in this nation and let's go back to peace and loving spirit and now we have members of a political party saying there will be blood and it has to harken you back to the tea party and the attacks that organization took for being race yist potentially violent and much of that was -- >> brian: this is a choice. you can stay in the union. a lot of people in wisconsin
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decided i don't want to stay in the union. the argument of the union we'll negotiate it and get you better wages and those not in the union will benefit. that's the situation. >> steve: absolutely. >> brian: you choose thot fonegotiate. >> steve: democrats and the left are terrified that the right to work movement will spread all over the counselry. why? union dues are the life blood of the democratic party . for workers who want a choose. which would you rather live in a right to work late where the unemployment is 6.9 or not right to work state where unemployment is higher. mr. krauthammer talked about the future of union. >> the fact is gloir days of 40s and 50s and 60s. uaw gave the workers the
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highest wages . that was the only industrial country that came out of the second world war in. europe was on its knees and japan was rubble. we thought that was the natural order of things. now we are world competition, we ran into bankruptcy. chrysler now twice . we see it in the southern states where the plants are. they were not the ones that went bankrupt in 2008 and 9. it really is a tough choice and i sympathize with the unions. but in the global economy where you compete on wages and other units of production . you can either have high wages with low employment or as obama said spread around the wealth. >> gretchen: michigan is the heart of the labor industry in this nation specifically
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whether so many cars are made and the unions are powerful there. it is emblematic and we look back on history. this move to make michigan a right to work state will be historic for that reason alone . what needs to be so clear in the discussion, it is really about choice. it is not about tamping down people's rights. it is actually moving them up and saying you now have a choice. you can pay your dues to the union, or you can choose not to pay the dues. >> steve: what happened in michigan is a great thing. because any time the government insists that you have to pay to go in and get a paycheck, that is it a shake down. a choice is made in michigan, democrats say they will appeal it. >> brian: coming up, he survived a tornado but nearly died in a live tv interview. >> oh, my god. oh, my god.
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i am okay. >> brian: what happened? obviously all caught on camera. the roof came crashing n >> steve: that's amazing. how would you like to pay three percent in taxes? google gets away with it. is that legal? what does yahoo pay? we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ong ♪ ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it.
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oothe tilapiawith roastedegetab! i'm actually looking at the wo grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. at pork chop was great! no more fast food friday's! we're going to go to red lobster. yep. [ male announcer ] come try our new menu and sea food differently and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. salad, sandwiches, and more. >> it is a fact of life. if you want to pay money, you have to pay taxings, too. for the average american that is 20 or 30 percent of the weekly check. for internet search giant google internet taxes are three percent. how do they get away with that
3:18 am
google's tax tricks are not against the law. they are actually the norm. how does it work? >> it is a sophisticated tax plan. as long as corporations are based on profitability . we'll see this as well we have a 35 percent corporate income tax rate in this country. you don't see this anywhere else. goingle used bermuda which is nine percent . as a result of that, you are going to see companies doing this. the key here is, gretchen, goog will didn't defer taxes but avoided two billion worth of the income to the united states government by doing this. >> steve: it is not just google. we are talking about massive american companies that are doing this. is is this what the speaker of the house john boehner is talking about. he offered president obama, we'll close the tax loop holes.
3:19 am
is that what he's talking about? >> that's what he's talking about . they will save a lot of money. but when we hear information like this, it is tough for people to get perspective and understand what is going to take place . we hear head leans and think close tax loop holes and they are confusing. but the american people needs to know, if loop holes will close. it is not just google. it is amazon and general electric. all of these companies use the loop holes because they are judged on profitability. we'll continue to see this unless we change. >> gretchen: these universitis and companis and have given to different administrations. this is the obama 2012 campaign. university of the california a million. microsoft 761,000 . google 737,000. et cetera and what do they get in return, ed, for giving that
3:20 am
money. >> they usually get to bring attention to this andcontinue to do it in a vacume. the president could say . we have a problem. google avoided paying taxs and we need to change that. he will not do that . it is sometimes in ambassadorship. smid is rumored to be a ambassador it goes on both sides of the political party. >> gretchen: it is interesting. instead the talk is the one percent the american individuals than the businesses. >> thank you. >> gretchen: a teacher encouraged to skip class, but she refused and decided to teach the kids. should easy bake ovens made for boys or can they use the
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ones their sisters got for christmas? that's what my son does. we have an update coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understan at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's why every bit of financial advice we offer is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families.
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[ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help.
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♪ >> steve: got quick wednesday morning headlines for you. he wanted to go to jail to get free health care. the judge refused to put the man behind bars. excon frank muraco admitted to go on a shopping spree to get treatment for luke luke. he was ordered to get in a state run plan for treatment for people with leukemia.
3:25 am
using cannons and get drugs in the united states. there was 33 cans of marijuana in a field. they believe they were fired by a cannon. kind of like those in sporsts events to shoot t-shirts in the crowd. that's your news mr. kilmeade. >> brian: michigan has some of the worst schools in the country. in reading and in math less than 10 percent of the eighth graders make the cut. yesterday teachers took the days off and protest on behalf . -- of the union. barbara was urged to join the protest. she did not. >> when i signed my contract i i would be in the classroom and i love to be with my students. when i think you believe . small number actualle at the rally that there are many, many teachers and the vast
3:26 am
majority were in the classrooms yesterday. >> brian: only three teachers from your school did not show up. >> it was only two from my building and those teachers who did attend are really dedicated. they are terrific teachers and i think, the fast pace movement of the whole bill is kind much put everybody on edge. they are wanting to understand what is happening with the right to work . i think they wanted to give their opinion. >> brian: what is your opinion and would you like to have a choice on whether to join the union or not? >> i would like to find out a bit more about it. i have been corresponding with representative nancy jenkkins and heard a little bit back and reading on it. everything is moving so quickly i would like to find out more about that so i can make an educated decision. >> brian: i was shocked to
3:27 am
find out 7 million from michigan's teachers unions goes to political cause and 86 percent goes to democratic causes. do you fell almost helpless in those contributions whether you agree with them or not. >> i know union wages go for things i may or may not agree with and you know, it is it a reallyy difficult thing because i don't know everything they go toward. but i would love to know more about the bill and that concerns a majority of teachers. >> brian: who ever is in your lucky can see the dedication. >> i love teaching. >> brian: we look forward to see you back on. we'll see if you choose to stay or not. do your search on it.
3:28 am
>> thank you. >> brian: he ricked his life to help us nail osama bin laden. fox learned he is being tortuned. should the united states step in to help that doctor without whom we would not have killed bin laden . then, he survived a tornado only to have this happen. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. i am okay. >> brian: another near death experience caught on tv. first happy birthday to deon warwick who is 72 years old. ♪ ♪
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>> happy holidays to everybody. this is interesting. five-days of hanukkah for jewishh friends and 14 days was christmas for the christian friends and 10 days to live for my mayan friends. >> steve: they are wrong. >> gretchen: that's the mayan calendar thing. >> steve: it is tax cuts for the middle class if president doesn't do something. peter doocy is life in washington. >> the speaker of the house john boehner thinks that
3:33 am
president obama moved the goal post again yesterday. even though the president is asking for 1.4 trillion in new taxes over the decade which is 200 billion less than the initial offer, the republicans are not moving. their counter offer for 800 billion over a decade same as before and republican aids are telling us there is's big gulf between the sides on detailings. republicans don't think that the president is specific enough about the spending cuts he's willing to pass. >> the president doesn't agree with our approach. he's got an obligation to put forward a plan to pass both chambers of congress. right now the american people have to be scratching their head and wondering when the president is going to get serious. >> officials privately expresss would increased optimism about a deal with one senior audiovisor saying that
3:34 am
democrats and republicans moved 75 percent of the way toward a deal and in an brew with barbara walters on abc, president obama said he is optmistic that there are enough people of goodwill in washington to recognize the economy and american families will be better off as a deal is made. we need to make sure the middle class taxes don't go up on january 1st and i am confident that republicans would not hold middle class taxes hostage to try to protectt tax cuts for high income judgeds. >> some congressional staffers are told to be prepared to come to work a week after christmas which is a sign that negotiations may reach up to the fiscal cliff. >> brian: at least they are talking to each other. they are talking about raising
3:35 am
rates for medicare to scen . rates to 37 . difdepped and inheritance and capitol gains on tap to go up. that could be devastating. >> steve: especially the difid end tax up a gigantical. >> brian: and capitol gains up five points. >> gretchen: stay tuned for that. he risked his life to help americans nail bin laden and now fox news has learned he was torteured in a pakistani jail. family members of the doctor said they can't even visit him. he was captured by pakistani officials and sentenced to 33 years in prison. got most wanten in the world. >> brian: why is there not more outrage on that. >> steve: and now extreme weather. he survived a tornado only to have this happen. watch. >> oh, my god, oh, my god.
3:36 am
ci'm okay. che was chatting with a tv reporter when the roof came crashing down and luckily it was all caught on camera. >> gretchen: in country illegally. the university of california at berklyy offered 200 scholarship. a private company do mated money. >> brian: an easy bake oven wish. they are set to meet with hasbro to talk about her idea. she started the campaign and only could find easy bake ovens in pink and purple. she had a poon line and support from top chefs. keep in mind some of the most
3:37 am
famous chef in the country are men. why not boost them when they are toddlers. >> steve: you are talking about chefboyadie. >> brian: he also makes the piz a. >> gretchen: i support that. my son likes. it. >> brian: with the power vested in us. i would to toss to you. >> steve: meanwhile changing topics. have we strayed so far from the founding fathers funding beliefs that are country is suffering. ra spiro is the author of push back claiming that the american judio, christian spirit said yes. >> good morning. >> steve: we hear judo-christian principles. a lot of people think they know what it means but until i lookked at yourr book i didn't
3:38 am
know what it meant. >> it is a attitude and filos fal. it is biblical in origin. liberty is very important in that whole scheme of the judio, christtian outbe look . personality accountability . the knowledge to know what is right and what is wrong and fight evil and for a person to make a living. >> steve: you write in your book push back, that we were doing fine with judeo-christian principles until the 1960s and then what happened? >> we implementted the great society and thought we would cure all of the ills of poverty. >> steve: that sounds great. >> it does. you have to be practical and foresight. but it created many in society who were dependent and
3:39 am
entitlement society and that no, i am entitled to the largess from the state . there was also another part of that which had to do with that transnationalism. up until the 60s, americans were proud to be americans and judeo-christian ethos . then it is a notion of we are citizens of the world and most of the world is socialist perhapss we should change the ethos. >> steve: today we are continuing down a path or go back toward the original founding fathers judeo-christian principles. how do we do that? >> i think most of the country believes in the principles but embarrassed to assert them to the friends. we have to have the confidence that we have the moral high groundd and assert it to thes and be confident. on the local level and the
3:40 am
school board is introducing something to the crick lumb or demonizes america or decont paint the properr historic picture of america. fight back and go to the pta and meetings and school board and i would say that people have to be active in the streets. the left is successful because they go in the streets. >> steve: they were effective in the street in michigan. >> and they get the ear of congressman and the ear of the press because they are in the streets. we have to protest when we think our constitutional rights given to us by thing fathers and god himself if they are in jeopardy we have to protest. >> steve: we saw that with the tea party. >> i like the tea party. >> steve: rabbi spiro, thank you for joinningugs. >> i appreciate it. thank you. >> steve: gretchen, what is coming up. >> gretchen: watch this as a
3:41 am
mob turnos a fox news contributor. soy that's not even the worst of it. steven crowder, the guy punched in michigan, he will joinn us here next . then something equally as scary. >> brian: we go with the call of the wild man, next. here is neal to play us out. you will find out their story and the capture of turtles. >> gretchen: is that a beaver? ♪ ♪
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3:45 am
a jennie rivera's plane hit a ground at a nose dive at a speed that may have exceeded 600 miles per hour. pope benedict xvi sending out an official tweet this morning. i am sorry. to a tune of one million followers tweeting a blesssing. dear friends, i am pleased to get in touch throughh you in twitter. thanks for your generous response. i bless all of you from my heart. y he will be to 145 characters or less. >> gretchen: that is revolutionary that the pope is now tweeting. >> brian: two hundred years ago monks had to write those tweets out. >> gretchen: monks didn't peek. they had to write them. a new tone set by big labor and it looks like
3:46 am
bleep). >> gretchen: i think i heard them say i will kill him with a gun. passage of the new law making it optional in michigan and enraged big labor supporters. they tore down the tent and punched fox news creditor steven crowder who joinns us life from rap -- grand rappids. are you okay and how are you feeling? >> i am overworked and still tough enough to take the punch. >> steve: you took four punch to the face and chipped a tooth and a cut in your head. didn't that remind you of the violent tea party protest. >> yess, it did. >> steve: what were you doing that so provoked the left that
3:47 am
they beat you up? >> you know, it didn't remind me of the tea party. it was a theme of dark knight rises . do as you please. i never seen an angry mob. i did provoke these people and tryied to provoke rational thought and civil debate and request that they stop stroying private property and tearing down with women and old people in it and we tryy to peel them off of the tent as they collapsed it on women's heads beneath them and makes me deserving of four punches to the face. i don't know if you are reading on line. i deserved it because i have no business being there? >> brian: but steven you did not return the punches because you thought it would get worse if you did, why? >> i don't think it could get worse.
3:48 am
i don't want to exageerate in that video. i clenched the guy and i said i am going to let go. don't hit me and he sucker punches me as i let go . second i grabbed him. people warmed in and i truly believe if i would have defended myself they would have torn me apart. >> gretchen: we hear someone talking about a gun and i am going to kill you. am i hear thag correctlyy? >> yes, i have no idea he is talking about. i didn't have a gun or discussed the issue of having a gun. i am assuming he is talking about himself or the goo that punched me. just to geave you an angry people. to identify this man. tony, i am offering him a ultimatum and you come forward and you presss charges or you will go to jail. or you can face me in a mixed
3:49 am
martial arts bout and we will settle it and all of the money raised. i will match it and give it to a union of your choice. face me like a man and send your answer on twitter. >> brian: you have an idea if they are pursuing this man. he is caught on video tape. is anyone pursuing him. >> they are. all over twitter if you follow me live twitter. >> gretchen: what about the police. >> i don't know. it was striking to me that there was not a single police officer to be foundment people say it is taken out of context. i edit videos down. i have a catalog of over hundred people on line. go to the hours of video footage and ipad cameras and more than you could watch it took them 20 or 30 minute to tear down the second 10.
3:50 am
it happened over a course of a serious time line and no police officers whatsoever. not one to be found. >> steve: you have thrown down the gauntlet before someone says that is so and so. >> you can see a clear shot of him. >> steve: thank you much from grand rapids. >> brian: he is a quick healer. we didn't see the chipped tooth. >> gretchen: six weeks and no traillers y. are fema trailers sitting empty in a parking lot when so many sandy victims have no place to call home. >> brian: 2000 homes in long island alone. >> steve: it is the call of the wild and no job is too dangerous to saving animals like the fox. >> brian: he's the shiest person on fox i have seen. ♪ ♪
3:51 am
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♪ >> brian: imagine arriving home and find out a wild animal took up residents in your house. >> gretchen: or yourr pant leg. you are about to meet two men who make a lifing with unwelcome guests. >> an old gumpy red fox that is up for a fight. >> this old fox is the biggest red fox i have seen in a long time and determined to get a turkey or me. >> this old fox is try. he is trying to get the brown towel or stick. he's not going for it. that close. look at those teeth prints.
3:55 am
>> gretchen: they are stars was animal planet. call of the wild man and highly successful show. did you get rabbi shots. >> we got the rabbi shots and ready to get shoed on like corn in a cob. >> gretchen: what is that there. >> this isal algreator turtle . he was getting peoplas ducks . broughtt him up to see on the show. >> brian: how do you grab them. do you grab them by the shell. >> normally there are not these in kentucky and they lay on the bottom of the swamps. but every now and then they hungry from a cow leg or duck and they cause trouble. >> gretchen: we know that
3:56 am
beavers bite through wood like it is a piece of paper. >> brian: this is the first beaver i have seen today . you played the banjo. >> i do. >> brian: you try to keep the excitement going in the show and continuous quest to get the animals out. >> it is boring catching animals and i have to have a banjo. >> gretchen: it was not quiet when the squiril went up your leg. >> i almost quit . i am 50 years old. i thought he was going after some nuts. >> gretchen: good thing you got it out before it got there. the folks stinks. why does the fox smempt >> they have a scent that makes you throww up. >> gretchen: it about did.
3:57 am
there is a red fox. tell us about it >> brian: why would they want a fox out of the house. >> fox likes to grab chicken the and they like chicken for breakfast. >> i get a call to catch the foxes and they catch the chickens or a turkey. >> gretchen: amazing show. call . wild man. you guys are fantastic. >> brian: and play us out big guy. ♪ ♪ >> brian: back in a moment. [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99.
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4:01 am
yes? don't tell that to this guy. that fox news contributor, steve crowder, with what exactly happened in a matter of moments. >> steve: a little black and were you. and the president promised no red tape. hurricane sandy victims would expect no red tape. so explain this this morning, red tape continues to keep fema trailers, dozens of them, sitting in an empty parking lot at an amusement park in new jersey while thousandses are homeless. "fox & friends" hour two for wednesday starts right now. of. >> i'm deion warwick and you're watching "fox & friends" and i'd like to wish a happy holiday to everyone, especially our troops overseas. >> gretchen: why are we saying that? because it's her birthday today. >> brian: she is saying that. she didn't know it was going to be her birthday. >> steve: today might be the easiest day of the year it right a check because it's 12-12-12
4:02 am
and it will be 88 years before we hit 01-01-01, another day when all of the numbers align as they do today. >> brian: i'm not sure with a we'll be doing then, but i know this, we will never match this back drop in terms of christmas decorations. this it phenomenal. >> gretchen: i hope it see brighter lights than this wherever i'm going in 88 years. >> brian: really? >> gretchen: yeah. >> brian: i think you just follow one bright light. >> gretchen: good. we start with a fox news alert. he went on a deadly shooting rampage inside a mall two weeks before christmas. now police say they know the gunman's identity. dan springer live for news portland, oregon, with the very latest. what a horrible tragic, unbelievably unnecessary story, dan. >> yeah, really is. good morning. police did say yesterday that they have tentatively identified the gunman, but will not release his identity until they are 100%
4:03 am
sure. we just got word that they have scheduled a news conference for 10:00 o'clock local time this morning. so we will know a lot more as we if through today. but this was a scene of total chaos. this mall behind me just outside of portland is closed right now and will remain closed for this entire day as police continue their investigation. again, no word on motive, although there was a question asked at the news conference late last night asking whether or not the gunman, if they knew whether the gunman was recently fired. we will have a lot more hopefully on identity and motive as we go through today. witnesses describe the scene of total chaos. there was some people who took video with their cell phones. they heard two shots in the open food court area near macy's. but then witnesses say they heard up to 18 more as this gunman methodically walked down the main stem of this mall firing up to 20 more shots. shoppers and employees were running for cover. some of them had their stores closed, the gates came down.
4:04 am
then they sheltered in place. and there was even a child, young child on santa's lap when the firing began. >> i heard about 18 more shots. i decided that it was a semiautomatic and i hit the floor. and my employees must have just scattered and got out of there because when i got up, there was nobody there but me. >> first i thought somebody may have dropped something extremely heavy until the second and third pop, i knew that it was a gunshot. so i dropped on the ground. >> then there were 100 cops descending on this area going through the stores, looking for any possible more victims. the gunman was already dead. they found him there. police later confirm that there were three people killed in this incident. two innocent victims and then the gunman himself took his own life. one person was seriously injured. cops never fired a shot. the gunman killed himself, they say. he's described as wearing camouflage and a white ski mask
4:05 am
as he was again, methodically going down the mall shooting people. there were unconfirm reports that the gun jammed at one point and this could have been a lot worse. 10,000 people in this mall, steve, gretchen, and brian when this took place. all the people have been removed. the cops are still keeping people outside the mall. they say this mall will be closed throughout the day as they continue their investigation looking looking is gunman and what his motive may have been. >> steve: still a crime scene. thank you very much. >> gretchen: another fox news alert. overnight defense secretary leon panetta arriving in afghanistan. a surprise visit. he's expected to meet with president hamid karzai. he was greeted by general john allen and u.s. ambassador to afghanistan, james cunningham. earlier today he told troops in kuwait that president obama will make a decision in a few weeks about how many troops will actually stay in afghanistan now past 2014. that's actually new news. remember they were all supposed
4:06 am
to come home? now some may actually stay on. celebrations happening in north korea after the country divide world leaders launching a long-range missile. the country calling it a success after several other failed attempts. world leaders worry that north korea could potentially develop technology capable of delivering a nuclear war head to the west coast of the united states. the u.n. security council is expected to hold a closed door meeting today on the launch. he brought two rivals found at the scene of brian terry, the agent for the united states, the border agent at his murder. and today he will come face-to-face with the border agent's family. a judge expected to sentence the man to ten years behind bars. he was part of a 20-person ring buying guns and smuggling them into mexico, part of the botched fast and furious program. his cousin plans push for the
4:07 am
maximum sentence. next year's inductees into the rock'n'roll hall of fame. >> it just goes to show that you just when you think you know the shape of rock'n'roll, it changes shape on you. this is really something we never expected. >> gretchen: for the first time in history, the public got to vote for their favorites. the ceremony will be in april in los angeles. those are your headlines. unfortunately, some of them have passed away this year. >> steve: they're honoring them as they do. we've got a gigantic win for america to tell you about. it happened yesterday in michigan. michigan became the 24th state to pass right to work legislation. what that means is you no long have to join a union. >> brian: you can if you want! you absolutely can. >> steve: you just don't have to join it.
4:08 am
which is terrific because there are a lot of people who don't want to. you look at right to work states versus unionized states and right to work states, people actually are doing quite well when it comes to unemployment. this all got started with a one-day drive last week that really surprised the united auto workers, otherwise they would have had their ducks lined up in a row before that. it turned into the legislation that passed and was signed by the governor yesterday. if you missed how it all came together, let's take you back a couple of days. start with the president of the united states when he was actually in michigan and bring you up to yesterday. >> what we shouldn't be doing is trying to take away your rights to bargain for better wages. they're talking about giving you the right to work for less money. we don't want a race to the bottom. we want a race to the top.
4:09 am
>> for two very strong reasons. first of all, worker choice. the freedom to choose and the concept of more and better jobs for our state. i think it was a good thing to sign this legislation and move forward, so i'm excited to seat outcome from this. >> gretchen: one thing to remember here is that the voters in michigan, they sort half a dichotomy in thought in november. they overwhelmingly voted for president obama to be reelected, but at the same time, they voted on a referendum to do exactly just this, to give people who belong to unions a free choice about whether or not they actually want to pay the dues or they don't. and so i think it's a victory for people's first amendment rights, quite frankly. let's take a look at how it affects unemployment. in right to work states, now there are 24 of them. unemployment on the average is 6.9%. nonright to work states, it is 7.6%. so you could argue there are
4:10 am
probably other extenuating circumstances, but you could argue that you do better if you want a job in states where you have the right to choose. >> brian: right now if you are in a union, you work for ford, chrysler or general motors, you make $56 an hour. if you factor in the new guys gs and old one, it's $59. if you're not in the union u get $46 per hour. how do you live on that? if you think the fact you're not paying union dues and you have other benefits on top of that, other states are saying, why don't 2003 that? because, for example, like it or not, in the 50s or 60s, there was more of a need for unions because workers, like in sports, the owners were taking advantage of the workers. that has boomeranged to the point where it is impossible to get a underperforming employee out because unions protect them and there is a lot of union rules that are antiquated and now there is more of
4:11 am
accountability. >> steve: what was the reaction from the left? they didn't like it at all. there were threats and violence by some. steven crowder, a fox news contributor, was socked in the mouth four times, got a chipped tooth and a cut on the head by some guy who simply didn't like the fact that he was there. look at that right there. also, somebody, a guy with a knife brought down a tent ha belonged to americans for prosperity. came down on men, women and children and a couple in wheelchairs. that's nice. >> gretchen: earlier on our show. >> i did go in and provoke these people with rational thought and civil debate. i tried to then not request that they stop destroying private property and tearing down and trampling a tent with women and old people in it and afterwards, a group of us did try and peel them off the tent as they were collapsing it upon women's heads beneath them, which, of course,
4:12 am
makes me deserving of four full wind unanswered punches to the face. that's the real story here, by the way, guys. i don't know if you've been reading on-line, i deserved it. i deserved it because i have no busine being there. >> brian: this entire thing is posted on-line, he says. he also has a challenge to that guy in the black jacket, the black leather jacket. you see full shot of him. the cops wanted to get him, they can get him in two seconds. listen. >> offering a him an ultimatum right now. you come forward, i will press charges, you will go to charge. or since you like it stucker punch people, i will allow to you face me in the people's october gone in a legal sanctioned mixed marble arts bout where we can settle it man to man, one on one, and all of this money raised to find you, i will match it if you beat me, give it to the union of your choice. it's your choice, jail or face me like a man. >> gretchen: it's interesting because obviously that could be a crime. it could be assault. >> steve: it's on camera. >> gretchen: it's on camera. it will be interesting to see if
4:13 am
the police pursue that. according to steven crowder, there were no police present and there were 10,000 people. maybe they were somewhere, but they weren't there. >> steve: they had a cordon around the capitol. the national review writes today, the editors say why exactly are the democrats and people on the left panicked? it has to do with the fact that if the right to work movement does spread, that's going to impact not only wages, they say, let's face it. it's going to impact union dues, which for the most part are a direct pipeline into democratic coffers. >> brian: in michigan, 86% of the people of union dues go to democratic causes. >> gretchen: do you remember when nancy pelosi said we have to pass the health care bill to find out what's if it? a bunch of democrats just did and they don't like it. stewart stewart will explain that story coming up. >> steve: we always find him if that exact spot. then the most desirable woman
4:14 am
revealed. it's not kate upton. she's third. when is one and two? straight ahead. >> brian: can't wait for the build-up.
4:15 am
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at your local mercedes-benz dealer. >> steve: welcome bang to our wednesday program. remember when nancy pelosi said this before obamacare was passed? >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> steve: well, the law has passed and the fog of the controversy has gone with it. you know what? even some democrats don't like what they see now. that's because obamacare, i guess they didn't know this -- contains a tax on medical devices that threatens to cripple an industry and the job that come with it. stuart varney is here to
4:18 am
explain. okay. it was passed by a -- the democrats got this thing through and now a whole bunch of democrats, senators, say hey, wait a minute. medical device tax? we captain afford this. it's been in there the whole time. >> yes, but now they finally read the 300-page -- 2013-page bill. now 17 senate democrats, that's a very large chunk of the democrats in the senate, 17 of them have written a letter to majority leader harry reid and said please, delay the imposition of this tax. on january 1, medical device tax takes effect. 2.3% on all medical devices. this means granny's hip is now going to cost a lot more come january 1. elbow joint, all that stuff, all medical devices go up in price. and the medical device makers are saying, we're going to lay people off. the democrats don't like this. they've read it. they don't like it.
4:19 am
they want a delay and the imposition of the tag. >> steve: it will be interesting if the 17 democrat senators joined all the republican senators, they could get something done if harry reid would ever bring it up. what's interesting is if they say, okay. let's get rid of that medical device tax. the money will have to come from interelse. >> that medical device tax is designed to bring in $29 billion over ten years. >> steve: where is that going to come from then? >> what are you going to do? you need another source of income. >> steve: call china! >> can we borrow more? you're already going to raise the medicare tax to help pay for obamacare. you're already raising the tax on some drugs to pay for it. what are you going to do now? if you don't get the medical device tax through, and you don't get the $29 billion, what are you going to do? you're right, steve. call china, let's borrow more. >> steve: so many people are fixated on the fiscal cliff and the president wants to jack up taxes on people who are successful. up to maybe about 40%. that's one of the theories out
4:20 am
there. he'd love 40%. but a lot of people forget about the medical device tax, plus all the obamacare taxes already baked into the equation. >> it's a tax here, a tax there, a fee there, a fee here, everything goes up. medical care gets more expensive. not less expensive. >> steve: he talks about money. he talks about politics. he talks about all sorts of stuff on fox business, 9:20 eastern time. the great stuart varney, thanks for dropping by. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. now would you like to wake up to this every morning? (baby crying). >> steve: wait until you hear who is blasting the sounds of babies crying into one neighborhood. then christmas coming early for one military family. "fox & friends" giving them the surprise of a lifetime. initiated.
4:21 am
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>> brian: it's time for news by the numbers. 12-12-12. yep. first 12 pairs of ribs. that's how many the human body has. the first seven pairs are known as the true ribs because they're connected directly to your vertebrae column. why are you looking at me? next, 12 faces.
4:25 am
a deck of playing cards has 12 faces in a standard set of 52. so far there is no news in this, just fascinating 12. 12 astronauts, that's how many have walked on the moon. the first neil armstrong, of course, the last eugene certainen in 1972. if you have something else that reminds you of 12 that's worth worthy of being on 12-12-12, that's a reason to tweet us. >> steve: we have a whole bunch of dunken doughnuts in the green room. >> brian: how many? >> gretchen: a dozen. >> steve: a bunch of dozens of doughnuts from dunkin' donuts because today is 12-12-12. >> gretchen: 12 inches makes? >> steve: a foot. >> gretchen: we could be here all day. instead we'll do this story. members of our military and their families sacrifice so much for this country, often putting their lives and relationships on the line for our freedom. >> brian: that's why during the holidays it's nice to give back to those who have served.
4:26 am
>> steve: ainsley earhart found one company that is trying to make a merry christmas for hundreds of military families and joins us on the curvy couch. >> every year, christmas decor is dem crayed family contest brings christmas cheer to dozens of military families and recently i had the opportunity to go to pittsburgh where the organization was surprising the jackson family. >> hey! how are you? >> it didn't take long for to us learn what makes jeremy and his family so special. >> we were looking for snipers, so i did. biknock collars, i'm looking up and off my left side side and there is a guy up on the roof top and he took a shot and he was aiming to go for underneath the side of my arm and just another about an inch down and it would have went clean through and i probably would have been finished off. >> he's a different person.
4:27 am
he's so much better now. >> yeah. >> it does take time, but it's great. >> the first surprise alimo ride to their first destination, downtown pittsburgh where the children's museum is. let's get the children to come into the museum. while the jackson family explores the children's museum, christmas decor rent a crew from elf entertainment is hard at work at the jackson home. the next stop, a private tour of heinze field. >> this is a dream come true for somebody like me to actually get in here to have a tour, personal private tour, you know. ♪ oh, mama i'm in fear of the arm of the long arm of the law ♪ ♪ >> one, two, three, go!
4:28 am
♪ the news is out ♪ ♪ they fine will he found me ♪ . >> it means a lot. it's something i never thought would ever -- i could ever imagine in my life. i never thought i would be married and didn't think i would make it home from iraq. >> it's hard to top a visit to heinze field for die hard fans. but the biggest surprise of all was waiting for the jacksons when they got home. >> three, two, one! then we have a gift for mom and dad. >> when fox reached out to me, they told me that you never had the opportunity to have a honeymoon. so i am the director of marketing at the omni william penn downtown. so we truly appreciate your service to the country and we want you to have a romantic weekend. so we are extending to you a two-night stay in our presidential suite. >> are you excited about the honeymoon?
4:29 am
>> yes! >> it's been five years almost and no honeymoon. it's finally happening thanks to this guy. >> before the day was over, jeremy had one more very important person to thank. >> the reason why i'm here today, and the only reason why is because this man right here. he was with me the day i got shot. if it wasn't for him, i probably wouldn't be here. he's like my brother. [ applause ] >> everything that he went through, it's good to see the community giving back to him because he really did give so much to our country. >> it's really awesome, you know. never know how many people are there to support you until they show up. just like what they did here today. >> there was a lot of hard work that went on behind the scenes making this possible for the jackson family. so we want to thank some additional companies that weren't mentioned in the story. for donating to the family, zazu spa will give her a spa treatment on their honeymoon
4:30 am
trip. radio shack donated a bunch of stuff, including a huge tv to the family. all star limousine drove them around for the take and leap frog donated two leap frog tablets to the little kids. the mom started crying when kelly started crying when we gave them because she told me in thely mo, my kids really want these leap frogs and we're so strapped. so they're having a's a stay at tough time. so thank you so much for all the families. >> steve: his official disability. >> exactly. >> gretchen: thank you for a heart warming story at this time of year. >> i thank them. >> steve: lovely. >> gretchen: coming up next, the president promised no red tape, so why are the fema trailers sitting empty while thousands of sandy victims are still homeless? >> steve: give the gift of puppy love, brian kilmeade. >> brian: i have to give more gifts or no? it's a chance for you to give that gift. how can you help these adorable dogs before christmas and make
4:31 am
somebody in your house really happy have a good night. re you go. you, too.
4:32 am
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>> steve: it's your not of the morning. 'tis the season, if you can't compete with your neighbors over the top christmas decoration, try this approach. >> gretchen: that's so funny. the arizona woman put up a gigantic ditto illuminated sign with an arrow pointing to the house next door which has a
4:35 am
16,000 clark griswold like, like display. >> gretchen: i want to meet that woman. she has a good sense of humor. >> brian: i would like to be there january 30 when the light bill comes in. that would be hysterical. >> steve: the house screen right actually looks like bob beckel's house. he actually lives in. and you will see it get festive in christmas spirit on our "fox & friends" christmas special. >> brian: how do you know these things? >> steve: 'cause we taped it last week. >> brian: that's right. i was there. >> gretchen: did he release how much he spends, what his bill is. wait until you find out. i think it's 8:00 p.m. eastern time on christmas eve and runs throughout christmas day. let's talk about fema. remember when they promised they would come right away and help all of the victims from super storm sandy? there was a lot of miscommunication, a lot of people still have not received the help. and oh, by the way, there seems to be a couple of trailers from fema that are sitting around, but they're not helping anybody. so what happened? remember when the message was there wasn't going to be any red
4:36 am
tape, everyone was going to get everything they needed as soon as possible. >> i order resources be made available to states in the path of the storm as soon as they needed them. i instructed my team not to let red tape and bureaucracy get in the way of solving problems. >> steve: okay. so no red tape. but we just saw dozens and dozens of fema trailers parked at the great adventure amusement park in new jersey right there. they're destined for union beach that lost a lot of houses. you know with a? they have been sitting there for six weeks. that is galling. but also this part is, apparently they say they can't put the trailers on the property of the victims because the people live if flood plains. really? they live in flood plains. well, that's where their houses were and that's where they need the houses. so it looks like some red tape is keeping them from getting the houses, although i read one report this morning that they could roll out to union beach next week. >> brian: 2,000 homes wrecked on long island. where are those trailers?
4:37 am
throw them down there, it's not even in the game. i don't get it. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. other news. >> gretchen: two alabama men arrested for terrorism. one the form roommate of one of the phish's most wanted, on the terror list. he's in somali's terrorist group. randy wilson was arrested along with another man while on their way to africa. guess what they wanted to do? they wanted to join a terrorist organization. he told an undercover agent they planned to wage jihad overseas. >> steve: the los angeles police department no longer handing illegal immigrants immediately over to the feds for deportation. under a newly approved plan, police in la will only honor federal requests if an illegal immigrant is accused of felony or if they are a gang member. immigrant rights groups say this still isn't enough to protect their rights. changes kick in next month. >> gretchen: how would you like to wake up to this every
4:38 am
morning? >> your community is crying for jobs, for fair wages. (baby crying). >> gretchen: yeah. the union electricians blasting that crying baby into the direction of a philadelphia apartment building. they're protesting the use of a nonunion contractor to do renovations on that building. angry residents say it had enough. >> i know everybody say they got the right, that's fine of the but don't we have rights, too, that we have to hear this constantly every day? >> the crying of this baby doesn't give him no sympathy. >> not helping the union's causes? >> yeah, it's not helping them. >> gretchen: the union boss says it's within the first amendment and he's not apologizing. >> steve: but he's disturbing the peace. meanwhile, who is the most desirable woman in the world? well, here is a hint, it's not sports illustrated super model kate upton. she came in third. that's right. the object of ashton kucher's
4:39 am
affection, actress mila kunis came in number two. and the big winner of 's annual pole, jennifer lawrence. jumped 46 spots to take the crown. she is number one in the world with guys, according to askmen. >> gretchen: she looks gorgeous. mr. kilmeade, now let's talk to you about some critters. >> brian: the crew backs her ranking, by the way. judging by ted has look. instead of buying another sweater or tie this christmas, which people really want to return, why not consider the gift of pet rescue, whether you donate, whether you volunteer, whether you adopt, there are many ways you can help. here to tell us more, loretta is here, president of forgotten friends of long island, and ma lay in a is here, coordinator. they're trying to find homes for these great animals. today it's rusty and lucky.
4:40 am
welcome back to both of you. >> thank you so much for having us. >> brian: who is rusty and ho is lucky? >> this is rusty. >> brian: rusty, tell me about rusty. >> okay. rusty is a little chihuahua that was rescued from animal care and control here in the city. we rescued him the day before sandy hit. he actually was starting to get sick in the she willer -- shelter and we were afraid he would end up on the euthanasia list. she picked hip up and brought him to us. niece a foster home in ocean side and he is doing spectacular. >> brian: does he get along? does he hop on the furniture? is he friendly to children? >> very friendly. dogs, cats, people. >> brian: all right. now let's look at lucky. ice a mix of pit bull and golden retriever. >> yes. lucky is about a year, year and a half. he was also rescued from the brooklyn shelter. he was on the euthanasia list, found a a stray with a severely broken leg. he required two operations to correct it. >> brian: who pays for that? >> we do. i mean, we're basically funded
4:41 am
through donations, like the kindness of the community and fundraising. >> brian: right. so paws for a cause is where we find out more. this dog roughly a year and a half? >> yes. >> brian: so a year and a half. and what do you think the characteristics of lucky? good watchdog, great jumping ability should off pet olympic? >> he's very agile, very playful. he's pretty good with other dogs. the only thing is because of his surgery, he was on limited activity for two it three months. he's make up for lost time. >> brian: now he can get involved and take gym class. >> absolutely. >> brian: fantastic. now if we want to adopt these dogs or other dog, where do we go? >> www.forgottenfriendsoflong isl >> brian: and people, some pets disappeared, and especially now when you have all these people without homes, a lot of pets are without homes. >> absolutely. pets are -- a lot of pets without homes, but especially in our shelters, on long island and
4:42 am
here in the city. >> brian: all right. let us know what happens with lucky and rusty and hope they both get lucky. paws for cause continues all week. animal control authority will be here with more adorable dogs as part of our get a dog for christmas push. i'm going to go to the couch where we're going to find out what gretchen has in store. >> gretchen: thank you, brian. i could feel coming. remember the controversial ground zero mosque that promised to be a community center for everyone? turns out we may have been lied to. heather went to see what's really happening down there and will join us next. and then dr. keith ablow here to tell us if packing on the pounds during the holidays is normal or nutso. what are you showing us? your waistline? >> yeah. >> gretchen: it's look slim and trim. apparently you're not nuts
4:43 am
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free package pickup. from the u.s. postal service. because it's nice to have an extra pair of hands around for the holidays. >> steve: quick headlines. take a look at this incredible video. inferno raging for near an hour in west virginia. flames shot 100 feet into the air after a gas line exploded. nine house were destroyed sadly or damaged. part of a highway melted. amazingly, nobody was seriously hurt. and it wasn't the honeymoon he hoped for. a would-be groom spent his wedding night in jail after a cop clocked him going over 100 miles an hour. where was he going? he was finally stopped in the church parking lot and told the cop he was late for his own wedding. none the less, he's got a mug shot today. >> gretchen: oh, oh it was billed as a cultural center. but more than a year after the controversial ground zero mosque
4:47 am
opened its doors, the only thing happening there is daily muslim prayer service. >> brian: how do we know? heather went down to see. turns out it's called -- it should be called a mosque. >> that's right. that's exactly what it is today. of course, for those of you who may remember this, it sits just steps from ground zero. then back in 2010, it became the site of a major battle that pitted backers of the mosque against families of the 9-11 victims and you may also remember that to win backing from local politician, the organizers of the mosque pledged that they would hold community events to reach out to other faiths. now, we found that it is not exactly living up to its promises. nationwide opposition to the mosque's location close to the world trade center site sparked by this guy. he was the public face of the mosque and the same man who blamed u.s. policy for the attacks on 9-11. and then he went even further.
4:48 am
>> the united states has more muslim blood on its hands than they have on its hands. >> mosque organizers pledged to build an $100 million mega mosque. but after opposition, this altered their pitch. >> there will be cooking classes. there will be schools. education, forums, conferences, and it's basically become a place where ideas can be exchanged, for tolerance, mutual respect. >> organizers promised this would be a community center, promising cultural events and even a memorial 9-11. standing outside here today, we see no signs of that. now some new yorkers say they feel duped. >> well, i mean, i guess they're not uphold to go what they said they were going to do. so i would be questioning what their real intentions are. >> hopefully something good comes out of it, you know. especially everything that happened since 9-11.
4:49 am
>> andy sullivan, who spent weeks at ground zero after the attacks and who opposed the project, says today's paired down mosque is actually a victory. >> i think the whole project from the get go wasn't genuine, you know? i thought it was all done under full pre-- false pretenses and again, i say i feel vindicated. >> muslims have a place to pray and you know what? i'm perfectly fine with that. god bless them. but just come out honestly and say what you want it to be about. >> we tried to find the community events promised by the organization burks not a single one has been held in at least eight months and not another is on the schedule for six months. so looks like this place isn't billed as they promised. >> brian: the guy who built the building is out of money. they're not paying money. >> the current developer is being sued for back rent. just keep watching to see what happens. so far action it's operating as a mosque.
4:50 am
>> steve: mosquerade was our headline. >> gretchen: coming up next, it's still living at mom and dads in your 30s, is that normal or is that nutso? dr. keith ablow knows because he's a psychiatrist. >> brian: billy joel sang about that. first on this day in 2003, "heyya" by outcast was the number one song. i believe they said it differently. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's green bean casserole. it's amazing what soup can do
4:51 am
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4:53 am
>> gretchen: got to will have this question, am i normal or am i nuts? don't answer that. it's a question everyone asks once in a while. it's a question we ask dr. keith ablow every week. joining us now to answer the e-mails you send us, psychiatrist dr. keith ablow. all right. let's get right to it. >> okay. >> gretchen: here is e-mail
4:54 am
number one, pining for an ex-husband. i'm devastated by the news my ex-husband has a new son with his new wife. we divorced years ago, but i still love him. oh, oh am i nuts? >> how understandable, how human, how normal. listen, why should it be that at the end of the marriage feelings go away? maybe if you still love this person in certain ways, you think, how can i help him on his journey forward? doesn't have to be the end of everything. >> gretchen: you think they should get in touch? >> i think it's always a tragedy when people who were connected are no longer connected just because the nature of the relationship has changed. i think sometimes you can stay connected, very often. >> gretchen: number two, brother lives with parents. my 34-year-old brother still lives with our parents while they fund his pie in the sky dreams, none of which ever work out. he needs to grow up. but they aren't helping matters. who is nuts here?
4:55 am
>> that's an impossible question because they're all crazy! they're co-dependent. they're enabling one another. these parents don't want this child, child, 34-year-old child to become an entrepreneur and succeed, otherwise they would say listen, you got to get real investors. you got to get your own place to live. we're just coddling you. so the bottom line is, he may have terrific notions and creative ideas he's never going to exploit them when he's at home with mom and dad saying yes, cupcakes without frosting! we're in! good idea. >> gretchen: so we have one and one. let's see, it's going to break the tie. e-mail number three, gain weight every holiday! # 9% of the -- 99% of the human race. i manage to gain ten to 15 pounds. it takes months to lose it again. once i do, it's practically holiday time again and i gain it back. is this nuts? this is to depressing. >> it's so depressing and so
4:56 am
very normal. number one, people are sensitive to carbs. this is the carb season of the year. and particularly people who have sensitivity to that can put on weight very quickly. the other thing to think about is this is also the season when some people have seasonal effective disorder. they can be depressed. if you have low mood, increased sleep, think about it. go see somebody. antidepressant might mean you don't gain weight and maybe feel better for four months during the year, every year. >> gretchen: it's tough to give up the egg nothing. >> you find it snuff can you tell me more about that? are there other things you find are difficult for you? >> gretchen: yes, most chocolate things. >> chocolate, eggnog. >> gretchen: maybe we should go over on the sofa after this. >> i have time for you. >> gretchen: all right. in the meantime, we should have other people also write us. write dr. keith ablow. log on, e-mail dr. aemployee your questions. he will answer them every week and you'll find out if you're normal or nuts.
4:57 am
thanks. >> all right. thank you. >> gretchen: a mom turns on a fox news contributor >> gretchen: that's not even the worst part. the white house staying mum on it right now. dana perino on this, top of the hour. there she is, come on in. you're not nuts. .so as you can s customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please?
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and with my bankamericard cash rewards credit card, i love 'em even more. i earn 1% cash back everywhere, evertime. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. that's 1% back on... [ toy robot sounds ] 2% on pumpn pie. and apple. 3% back on 4 trips to the airport. it's as easy as.. -[ man ] 1... -[ woman ] 2... [ woman ] 3. [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, december 12, 12-12-12. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. fox news alert for you, a holiday horror, a gunman opened fire in a mall full of christmas shoppers. we're live in portland, oregon with new details on a possible motive. >> steve: here is a new tone being set by people on the left and it looks something like
5:01 am
this. a fox news contributor gets beaten up by a pro-union protester and the white house saying nothing really. dana perino on this in moments. >> brian: first we called him governor. then we called him president. now grandfather? big baby news for the bush family just breaking. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: dana perino, who is just standing offscreen, says she's got a little news about grandpa george w. bush that she'll share with us in just a minute. >> gretchen: all right. we'll look forward to that. we have to tell but this horrific story that happened yesterday. a gunman opened fire in a mall full of christmas shoppers. 10,000 people. three people have been killed, including the gunman. now police say they know the
5:02 am
gunman's identity. dan springer live at the soon in portland, oregon. what's the latest news this morning? >> yeah. the cops say they have tentatively identified the gunman, but they will not release his identity to the media until they are 100% sure. they scheduled a news conference for 10:00 o'clock local time this morning and say they will give more details. we expect to know a lot more at that time, possibly the name of the gunman and also possibly a motive. right now that's all a mystery. what we can tell you is that this was an area of shear panic and chaos yesterday as about 3:00 o'clock yesterday, 3:30 in the afternoon, two weeks before christmas, with this mall absolutely packed with people, shots started ringing out. first two shots, then 14 or 18 more as this gunman, who was described as wearing camouflage, jeans, possibly body armor and a white ski mask or hobbling hockey mask, was going down this mall in the food court and
5:03 am
shooting at people. three people are dead. two innocent victims, the gunman killed himself. another person was shot, a teenage girl. the good news is she is listed in serious condition and is companied to survive. she was talked to her parents, but police say the gunman turned the gun on himself, but again, many, many people in this mall, shoppers and, of course, lots and lots of employees who were sheltering in place. some of them even were running for the exits and just trying to get out. shear panic obviously. >> ten shots to begin with. after the three gun shots, i heard the shooter yell, everybody on the ground, everybody on the ground. at that point i got up. we all started running. >> the mall is still a crime scene here, just outside of portland. police expect to be here all day going through the crime scene processing it. they'll be looking at surveillance video trying to learn what they can.
5:04 am
they've asked people who were here, who have not talked to them yet who were eyewitnesses to give them a call. lots of belongs were left here, but this will be closed all day today as police continue this lengthy investigation. back to you. >> brian: we know nothing about the shooter right now? >> we know nothing about him. we know that he's a white man. he's described as short. again, described as wearing body armor and camouflage and a hockey mask. beyond that, we don't know his name. police say they had him tentatively identified last night. but they're not going to release his name until they're 100% sure. >> brian: all right. thank you. >> gretchen: the rest of the headlines. a short time ago, leon panetta making a surprise visit to afghanistan. this is brand-new video of him being greeted in kabul to meet with president karzai and top commanders today. earlier today, panetta was in kuwait. he told u.s. troops president obama will make a decision about how many troops will stay in afghanistan past 2014 in a few
5:05 am
weeks. he bought two rifles found at the scene of brian terry's murder and today he'll come face-to-face with the border agent's family. a judge expected to sentence the man to ten years behind bars. he was part of that 20-person ring that was buying guns and smuggling them into mexico as part of the botched fast and furious program. terry's cousin plans to speak at the sentencing and push for the maximum sentence. the u.s. launching an unmanned spacecraft into space for another top secret mission. >> and lift-off, lift-off of the united launch alliance atlas 5 rocket carrying the third ot mission. >> gretchen: the air force won't kay say what it will do, only that it's testing new technology in space. some speculate that the secret shuttle could be collecting intelligence on other satellites. no word on how long it will be in orbit. it spent seven months in space on its last mission in 2010. it's a title that could rival even that of president.
5:06 am
we're talking about the title of granddad. president george w. bush is about to become a grandfather. his daughter, jen na, announcing moments ago she's expecting her first child with husband henry hager. the couple have been married for four years. they're said to be thrilled. last year the 31-year-old admitted to people magazine that her parents, yeah, they were pushing a little bit. they wanted some grandchildren to be scurrying around the house. >> steve: somebody who knows all parties, dana perino, when did you hear about it? >> i saw it on twitter when i first heard about it. i sent a note saying you must be so excited and that was obviously confirmed. he has wanted grandchildren for a long time. he loves children and a baby. i know the president and mrs. bush are anxious to see this healthy child come into the world and i have a feeling they'll probably be very good baby-sit baby-sitters. very happy for jenna and barbara, the twins, and expanding this family of the what's interesting, they call
5:07 am
their grandfather, 41. they call him gampy. i don't know if we'll get -- i don't know what the nickname for had 43 will be. >> brian: i heard poppy. >> no, i think that was the other grandfather. >> brian: quick question, i saw the president come out two weeks ago and talk to immigration right after the election. >> yep. >> brian: could this be a trend? do you think he'll come out now that we're out of the election season and speak more about issues? >> i think he's going to continue to speak about some issues because his policy institute, the george w. bush library, is opening next spring. and they have four basic pillars. one being economic growth. and when he talked about immigration last week, the way he talked about it was in the context of how do you get to 4% solution, which is the institute has goal, which is the help facilitate policies to get us there. i hope he does a little bit more. but i think he'll pick and choose. he doesn't seek the limelight. he doesn't miss it. >> steve: this could be good topic for him. north korea decided to show their military might, shot a
5:08 am
long-range missile over japan. >> i remember when they did this in 2006. it was the fourth of july and we were all out celebrating about to watch the fireworks and sure enough, they had great timing there in north korea. kim jong-un probably did this to honor his father whose death is this coming when i read the white house statement, i read, oh, wait, didn't i write this in 2006, because it's basically the same language that america has been use not guilty its foreign policy with north korea for years. >> brian: that rocket is just the technology from the '60s, the soviet era '60s, just a little juiced up. >> for us, looking at it, it is a concern because if they do get better technology and if they're rockets reach one of our allies or even all the way across the pacific to us, that obviously is a major problem. but this looks different from inside north korea with state television. this is a big deal to them. it means a lot. >> gretchen: we saw them celebrating. something that wasn't celebrated was the mob action that was
5:09 am
going on in michigan yesterday with these protests about the state becoming a right to work state and a lot of people who support the unions were against this. it was interesting because president obama was in michigan the day before, or yesterday, i forget -- and he was talking with how important it would be to veto this particular new law. there has been no response from the white house with regard to some of the violence that happened yesterday. what do you make of it? >> i was surprised that president obama got so deeply involved with one speech on monday. you're right, it was this week. but governor snyder is it a -- is a very mild mannered person. he's a self-made man, he's doing public service because he wants to help improve michigan. i have no doubt that his intentions are to help bring jobs back to michigan. the violence is not in keeping with what -- i don't think what any of us would expect at an american protest. they have a right to protest.
5:10 am
i think the least that anybody could do is to say, we don't want any violence of any sort. we condemn the violence. the statements about foreign policy out at the state department are more i guess strict or admonishing than what you got from the white house about this, which was nothing. now, maybe they think it's nothing. but across the country, people see this and think, this isn't right then that story you had on about the unions blasting the baby sounds into the apartment building to disrupt people. i think that the unions are getting really bad advice. they had an important role to play and they need to evolve i think so they can continue to be part of the solution. instead they're just ruining their public reputation. >> steve: well, i tell you what, but for the white house, the union base is an important part of the left flank of the president of the united states. it's interesting, when ed henry talked about jay carney, mr. spokesperson, what about the lack of civility? he said this. >> the house floor, there is one
5:11 am
democrat who said today that if this right to work initiative is cited and lawful, there will be blood. since the president weighed in yesterday and obviously made his feelings known, but has talked about changing the tone -- >> the president believes in debate that's civil. i haven't seen those comments and i'm not sure that they mean what some would interpret them to mean. i just haven't seen them. you heard the president talk about his views. he has always opposed so-called right to work laws, as he said, they're generally political and noneconomic. they're more about the right to earn less pay than they are, you know, helpful to our economy. he presented those views yesterday in michigan. >> gretchen: when you look at the states that have right to work, 24 states, they have a lower unemployment rate, somewhere in the 6% and the ones where you don't have that ability it's in the 7% area. >> that's right. that's why i look at some people
5:12 am
think right to work states are only in the south. look, it's the south and then come up through some of the rust belt. importantly, i believe that governor snyder was looking at what was happening not with jobs being sent to china, but with jobs in a state going to indiana and why? because governor mitch daniels had done the politically courageous thing of making indiana right to work state. jobs are going there. i understand that taking -- the collective bargaining rights remain intact in this bill that. is a big misconception that is being spread by some. this basically says the unions have to compete to make -- for their customers' business. what's wrong with that? >> steve: right. there was a misconception because there was a ballot initiative on the november ballot. it was voted down and then the republican base, house and senate, voted essentially in a one week push toward this particular aspect of it where you do not have to belong to a union. >> i think it's very remarkable, politically risky, yes, but without risk, you get no possible reward. >> steve: you want to say something amazing. steven crowder was on our
5:13 am
program earlier talk being how yesterday some guy from a union socked him. >> i have never seen an angry mob filled with vitriolic hatred and i want to be clear. i did go in and provoke these people. i tried to provoke rational thought. i tried to provoke civil debate. i tried to then request they stop destroying private property and tearing down and trampling a tents with women and old people in it. then afterwards, a group of us did try and peel them off the tent as they were collapsing it upon women's heads beneath them, which of course, makes me deserving of four full wind unanswered punches to the face. >> steve: that crazy video doesn't help the left. >> no, it doesn't. but i think steve crowder, either you got great make-up or his face didn't turn out too bad. >> steve: he got hit four times. >> brian: he got a chipped tooth. >> if this was a tea party event, we all -- the white house would have put out statement, guaranteed. >> brian: we will watch you on "the five."
5:14 am
>> i'll thereby. >> gretchen: he risked his life to help us nail bin laiden and now fox news learned he's being tortured. so why are we still giving money to pakistan? peter johnson, jr. on that next. >> steve: then it's a story we've been following. should e. >> bake ovens be made for boys painted colors that boys like? camouflage ovens? we've got an update straight ahead. , it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go.
5:15 am
[ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 ml350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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5:17 am
>> steve: you know that pakinstani doctor who was a c.i.a. informant and helped us hunt down osama bin laden? he's reportedly been tortured in a pakinstani prison, according to his brother. back in june, the doctor was sentenced to 33 years behind bars for conspiring against pakistan. now six months into his sentence, is the united states doing enough to secure his release? let's talk to fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> he's being left for dead. >> steve: he is? >> he's an honorary american. 3,000 lives, more, on
5:18 am
september 11. >> steve: he's being tortured. >> he tried to get bin laden and infiltrated through a dna ruse, hepatitis vaccine. now he's been tortured, burned with cigarettes, according to reports. he's been shocked. he was blindfolded for a year. he had his hands tied behind his back for a year. the state department says we're trying to get him out. we're trying to negotiate a release. there was a bill the defense authorization act of 2013 trying to limit the $800 million going to counter insurgency funds in pakistan and saying, listen, the department of defense has to sign off that they're doing everything they're supposed to be doing to help americans and to fight the haqqani terrorists. the president said back in november through his budget office, no, i can't have my hands tied like that. there has to be risk. there has to be rewards. we have to say to people that help us in the world, we will help you.
5:19 am
we will stand up for you when you try and help us bring justice for dead americans. >> steve: you know, the thing is that getting bin laden, this was the president's some regard as the greatest achievement -- >> it was an achievement. >> steve: it was to get him. but we probably would have had a more tough road in getting him without this guy. particularly the president. the guy who lives in the house behind you should be doing everything he can. >> there is a balancing test which we all understand. we understand that isi, the secret service, that pakistan should be playing a critical role. we also know that it's obvious the pakinstani government knew where bin laden was and never gave him up. we also know that american officials like admiral mullen have said that attacks on places like the embassy in kabul were known about by the isa, the pakinstani secret service. so are they going to respond to
5:20 am
us in any way? are we going to put pressure? are we going to allow this man to tie in jail? this man is an american hero. he helped avenge and bring justice for the deaths of americans. we should be helping him. he should not be forgotten rottenning in prison in this holiday season. i'm glad that his family is speaking up. >> steve: before you go, let me tell what the state department says. they say as secretary clinton said, we believe that the prosecution and conviction of the doctor sends a wrong message about the importance of our shared interest in taking down one of the world's most notorious terrorists. absolutely. >> say listen, shut it down. bring him here to the united states now or we're going to cut you off. bring him here now. cut the dough off. simple. america can do it. >> steve: actions speak louder than words. let's see if we'll do anything. thanks. >> thank you. >> steve: that terrible story. what an injustice. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, he survived a tornado, but nearly died on live
5:21 am
tv. look at this. >> oh, my god! oh, my god. oh, my god. >> steve: he's okay. it was all caught on camera. wait until you find out what happened. then he admitted he broke the law to get free health care in prison. what did the judge do about it? stick around to find out his story. initiated. neural speeds increasing to 4g lte. brain upgrading to a quad-core processor. predictive intelligence with google now complete. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself.
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5:24 am
>> brian: he wanted to go to jail to get free health care, but a judge refused to put him behind bars. he admitted he went on a shoplifting spree so he could get leukemia treatment. instead the new york judge ordered him to apply for a state-run plan for people with preexisting conditions. that's a good thought. o about abenedict xvi tweeted million followers. that's more than i have. he tweeted this, quote, dear
5:25 am
friends, i am pleased to get in touch with you through twitter. thank you for your generous response. i bless all of you from my heart. send him a tweet at pontifex. good luck. hope he writes you back in any language. gretch if. >> gretchen: i wonder if he follows "fox & friends." >> brian: sure does he. >> gretchen: we got to get him going on that. thanks. he is the father of school house rock who went from a powerful career in tv to writing popular inspirational stories. you got to love these books. along with his beautiful wife, have just put out their 7th book about stories of those moments in life that we all think are just a coincidence, but they have called them god wink. they join me now. great to see you. >> thank you kindly. >> gretchen: hard to believe the time goes by so fast. you've been on the show before. you've written your 7th in the series. >> over a million books out there in the marketplace. >> gretchen: what are people going to be inspired about in this latest book? >> i think had newest book is because it's a devotional and so
5:26 am
it takes letters from people and gives them the ancient wisdom. of course, that's where i call upon my wonderful wife. >> gretchen: you say she knows the scriptures better than you do. let's talk about the first example. there is a woman named gloria and she has a surprise surge. what happens? >> gloria is in the hospital just ready to have surgery. nervous wreck, very fearful. doctor comes in. he whispers in her ear, do you like first graders? she says that was very odd to ask. she said yes, i love first graders. i taught them my whole life. he said, i know. i was one of them. she looks at him. she says, tommy manino? is that you? and he gave her a big hug and he said, gloria, everything is going to be all right. i'm going to take good care of you. >> and a peace came over here. >> gretchen: that's god winks. >> there are little unopened gifts left on your doorstep. you have to learn how to open them and to find the hope inside. >> gretchen: what about god's sense of humor? >> there was another one, this
5:27 am
is really cute. sort of. a woman is driving in her car on the way to the hospital 'cause her son, 21-year-old son, is trying to pass a kidney stone. she goes by a church and it says, this too shall pass. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: there you have it. i mean, it's the inside meaning, normally you drive by, think nothing of it. but then you got to wonder, why did i see that? why do you think people see things? >> i think that -- it's all part of divine alignment, which is the thesis that there are connections, god wink by god wink, all through our life. divine alignment is a new way to think of these mysterious experiences that place us at the right place at the right time to meet the right person. it is extraordinary. so we just collect these wonderful stories and hope that they bring lots of hope to people. >> gretchen: lot of people are thinking about angels, especially this time of year. there's a woman, famous actress, roma downey, who is a real life
5:28 am
angel, it turns out. tell me this story. >> she used to volunteer at hospitals. one day she was at a hospital and there was a woman who just lost a child. as the womans was being helped from the room, she said, please send me an angel so i know my child is in heaven. and at that very second, divinely aligned, roma downey was coming down the hall. their eyes met. and the woman said, there you are! i asked for an angel! roma wanted to say no, no, i'm just an actress. i'm not an angel. instead, she put her arm around her, comforted her, and prayed with her. when she left the hospital, she called her friend, della reese, her co-star, she said, i feel like such a fraud! that woman wanted support and she expected god to be sending someone to her! della reese said, baby, what makes you think he didn't? sometimes we have to get out of the way and let god's grace work
5:29 am
through us. that was a moment when we understood that the divine alignment of placing ourselves in a certain place at a certain time is all part of a greater plan and we're on a gps, god's positioning system. >> gretchen: two of you together make a great pair and you have come up with these books. the 7th one, you got to pick it up. looking for something inspirational for a friend? pick it up for christmas. great to see the both of you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: merry christmas. next up, a story we've been following. should easy bake ovens be made for boys? i know my son likes to make the cookies and pretzels. it's one step closer to happening thanks to a little girl. we'll tell you why. then you know frankincense and myrrh "30 rock." >> i'm not getting married today, i might as well stuff my face. >> i didn't mean to steal your thunder. >> my whole life is thunder. >> gretchen: jane sakowski live.
5:30 am
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where every cappuccino and latte is only made with fresh milk. and where the staff is exceptionally friendly. ♪ nespresso. what else? >> yesterday obama said, quote, if we can get some leadership on the republican side, we can
5:34 am
probably solve this in about a week. it's not that tough. boehner then responded saying, quote, i've sent the president our proposal. if he doesn't like our plan, he should come back with a plan of his own. obama responded to that saying, maybe i will. [ laughter ] which boehner replied, maybe i will. which obama replied. stop talking to me! to which boehner replied, stop copying me. to which obama replied whatever. to which boehner replied, whatever times infinity. to which obama replied, damn, he went for infinity it will? it is like chirp, you have to admit. also the good news is, i hear they are making progress. i think good news. who knows. behind the scenes. it's in front of the cameras when they choose to show they're not making progress.
5:35 am
>> steve: they don't want to tip their hands. they want to make it seem like they're going for the biggest deal as possible. >> gretchen: if only it weren't so serious for the future of our nation and our children. >> brian: can i name drop? >> steve: go ahead. >> brian: jane krakowski. >> steve: she's phone feet away. -- ten feet away. she's been to the show many, many times. >> gretchen: she has. i like your shoes. >> thank you. >> brian: i cannot figure out -- >> steve: that says christmas. >> brian: who has been on more, jane or shaquille o'neal. >> steve: jane. >> brian: very similar question. laci peterson let's do a couple -- >> gretchen: let's do a couple headlines. the man charged with killing etan patz on his way to cool is headed to court this morning. pedro hernandez expected to plead not guilty. his lawyer says he isn't pursuing an insanity defense. fernandez will maintain he didn't kill the 6-year-old and
5:36 am
argue he made a false confession because of his mental problems. there is a lot of problems with this case actually. this will be interesting to see how it turns out. brian? >> brian: they're in the country illegally burks they could soon get a scholarship to go to college. berkeley offering it hundred scholarships to those not eligible for loans. all they have do is bring video of them and they'll get in free. the school says it's trying to spread the program across the country. >> we're really looking forward to working with other universities outside of california to help them build successful and sustainable programs that are going to work with these populations. >> brian: a private foundation donated $1 million to fund the scholarships. sorry, citizens, you're out of luck. >> steve: we've got severe weather. how he survived a tornado and then this happened. watch this. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god.
5:37 am
>> steve: the guy was chatting with a tv reporter in birmingham, alabama, about the tornado that had come through when his roof came crashing down. thankfully, nobody was hurt, but it was all caught on camera. look at that. >> gretchen: new jersey girl campaigning for an easy bake oven for boys is taking her demands to the top now. >> men don't cook, they work. please, sign a petition and join me and my friends to create gender equality in our product. >> gretchen: mckenna pope is set to meet with hasbro on monday. her campaign started when she went to buy an easy bake oven for her little brother, but could only find ones in pink and purple. now her on-line petition has gotten over 40,000 signatures and even celebrity chef bobby flay is throwing his support behind her cause. good for her. i love when you see little kids take action on stuff like that. >> steve: former little kid and girl who perhaps had an easy bake oven.
5:38 am
did you have an easy bake oven growing up? >> i probably did. >> steve: probably? who would we talk to? your agent to find out for sure? >> exactly. contact my mother. [ laughter ] >> brian: welcome back. >> hello, friends. >> brian: every time you come back, i felt like you never left. >> really? that's how it feels? >> brian: when you come here, i feel like you should get to work. printing scripts and getting involved in the process. >> steve: it's a little westful because you've been here talk being "30 rock" with tina fay. they just have four more days to shoot? >> four more days to film the rest of the series and it is very bittersweet. >> gretchen: nobody is looking anybody in the eye at work right now. >> we're walking through the hallways. we're holding all the emotion in right now. >> brian: how many years has it been? >> seven. >> brian: this is almost two college educations. people still -- >> steve: or one really long
5:39 am
one. >> brian: one plus graduate school. >> so much happened to awful us. we've had babies, marriage, new kidneys. >> brian: with each other? you have had no kidneys? >> no. >> gretchen: if you read tina fey's book, she thought the show would never succeed. let's look at a clip. >> i'm not getting married today, i might as well stuff my face. >> listen, i didn't mean to steal your thunder. >> my whole life is thunder! sure. >> i just found out that i won this woman in entertainment award. >> first you get married, now you're winning an award! these are my things. >> steve: i am gog miss jenna. >> me, too. you can not do anything that over the top anywhere else but there. we created our own level of farcecal world there. so we're going to miss it terribly. >> brian: i think you're leaving a lot in the locker room. alec baldwin indicated that. don't you feel like you still
5:40 am
have more left to tell? >> i think the writing has always been the main feature of the show and the star of the show. i think -- >> brian: you told us off camera that you are the reason that the show is so successful. >> that is not true. you're making things up. you are not telling the truth. >> gretchen: so now when you're done taping, apparently you'll have time to host christmas at your house this year. >> we are hosting christmas because i have a 19 month old son. we're sort of moving into where the youngest child is for the joy of all the opening of the presents for him. >> steve: more presents if you've got a little kid. >> it's so fun. we took him to meet santa claus this week and we have the classic screaming photo of your child, where your child is screaming on santa's lap. >> gretchen: most scream until they're five or six. are awe cook? a chef? are you going to be making food? >> no, ma'am. my husband will be doing that. >> steve: that's handy. is he good in the kitchen?
5:41 am
>> he is very good in the kitchen. >> gretchen: oh! well, touche. >> steve: congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> steve: no wonder she's always so happy when she shows up. tell us about your banker. >> brian: we have a few more cook segments on this show. >> gretchen: what about feeding america, speaking of cooking? >> today i'm working with bank of america to spread the word about how easy it is to work with their mobile apps and on-line banking during this hectic holiday season and we are raising money for charity today. i am going to be at a bank of america at 345 park avenue today. and -- >> steve: handing out 20s. >> handing out 20s. my little service to the world. no. we're actually raising a lot of money for feeding america, which at this time is a great organization to be raising money for. and everybody who comes by and puts an ornament on the tree, bank of america will make a donation, up to $25,000 just today. but it's part of a much larger $2.5 million donation they're giving to feeding america over
5:42 am
the whole holiday season. i'm happy to be part of that. >> brian: wow. who is nicer, the heavy alec or thin alec? [ laughter ] >> steve: you have four more days to work. don't bother answering that. >> brian: answer it. >> steve: although it could be tense. she's working for bank of america. he's working for another banking outfit. >> brian: why are you blocking for jane? why can't jane answer? >> because she's our guest. >> brian: unbelievable! he doesn't block for kissinger. he blocks for jane. >> gretchen: he'll be a diplomat after "30 rock." great to see you. >> steve: merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> gretchen: next, why are these fema trailers sitting empty while thousands of super storm sandy victims remain homeless? >> steve: then the war in afghanistan far from over. there are 68,000 men and women still there and there is something simple that you can do to make sure that they are not forgotten. we'll show you next.
5:43 am
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5:46 am
>> steve: couple quick headlines. six weeks after super storm sandy left thousands of people homeless, dozens, four dozen at least, fema trailers are still sitting in an empty parking lot of six flags in new jersey. fema says it can't put them on victims' properties because the property lies in flood plains. and this is a live look at the crowning piece of one world trade center. it's set to be hoisted to the top of the building at 9 a.m you'll see it here on the channel. the final pieces arrived yesterday on a barge from canada. the spire will make it the
5:47 am
tallest building in the western hemisphere. you'll be able to see it for miles. >> brian: formerly known as the freedom tower. >> steve: yep. >> gretchen: although the united states is drawing down the war in afghanistan, there are still 68,000 troops serving this and our next guest doesn't want anyone to forget it. >> steve: jim headache is the founder and ceo of thirty of america, nonprofit dedicated to getting military members the things they say they need to complete their mission. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: it is extraordinary when you hear the numbers. a lot of people think we're done over there. there might be a couple thousand. there is 68,000 americans still there. >> right. there is 68,000 of our men and women, our brothers, sister, sons and daughters, serving in afghanistan and spirit of america wants to make sure americans don't forget that and that we provide the support they need to be more successful. >> brian: what's 68,000 means? what are you asking us to do? >> we're asking people to do two things. one, remember they're there. people can upload a photography during 68,000 remember on our web site at spirit of
5:48 am and people can text troops to 20222 to provide $10 to do exactly what the troops say will help them on the ground there. >> gretchen: when which is what? >> it's a variety of things. varies from village to village. we've provided water pumps to help navy seals in remote mountain village, blankets to build good dallas in other villages. it varies from place to place. it's exactly what marines and soldiers say they need to build goodwill. >> steve: looking at some of the images of people who made their own 68,000 signs and what not. michael strahan, teamed up at 9:00 o'clock eastern time, he did one. i think we'll show that. plus there is michael right there. 68,000. >> gretchen: we did our own for you too, jim. >> that's wonderful. thank you. >> gretchen: see if we have a picture of it. there we are! >> all right. nicely done. >> gretchen: also the new england patriots cheerleaders, they did a 68,000 remember. they got a big team, so they could do that whole -- all those
5:49 am
letters together. the reason for you doing this is what? >> it's really to remind people that we have a huge number of men and women serving in afghanistan. and to get americans behind them and to support them and help them finish their job. >> steve: it doesn't take -- this has nothing to do with our policy over there. it's just the guys on the ground. >> no. we don't have any position on policy or politics. our position is that as long as we have men and women serving there, it's our job to support them and help them come home safer and sooner and more successful. >> brian: our policy is make sure they are successful. i think every american can agree that. you personally, you're not a guy that served but you want to give back. you started in 2002. >> why i started spirit of america after 9-11, motivated by those attacks. i feel what we stand for in the world matters. spirit of america came out of that. >> steve: we thank you very much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: i'll tweet what people can do as far as texting or to take a photo. >> thank you. really appreciate it. >> steve: you can log on and
5:50 am
you'll figure out how to get your picture to your web site. >> yes, absolutely. >> steve: thank you. straight ahead, they survived super storm sandy, but these animals still need help. what you can do next. >> gretchen: first, let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> good morning to you. great show. there is a ton of breaking news, as you know. north korea has done it again. also a shooting at a shopping mall in the heart of the holiday season. what was the motivation there? and there will be blood. that's the warning from democrats after a major labor dispute. so will there? martha and i will see you ten minutes on a busy morning. see you at the top of the hour only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. ♪
5:51 am
[ male announcer ] campbell's green bean casserole. it's amazing what soup can do . .
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5:53 am
>> brian: they survived super storm sandy. but they still need your help. we're talking about thousands of displaced pets and they continue to struggle to find shelter and
5:54 am
basic needs. now at least one group is too long all they can to help them along with their families. the suffolk county spca representative joins us now. chief what, is the need? with so many needs after sandy, i just saw a stat, 2,000 homes ruined. >> absolutely. >> brian: let alone ones being rebuilt. >> it's amazing it's already a month and a half since the storm hit. we've had three shelters, three pet friendly shelters operating in suffolk county. we've been out almost daily distributing food to the people in these hard hit areas with our spca vehicles. and i want to say also is that all of our personnel, our offices are all volunteering to do this. >> brian: do people have to wonder where their next meal is coming from, they have to reach out to government aid and want to hold on to their pets and some of them are helpless. >> a lot of the people will not leave their homes. they're staying behind with
5:55 am
their pets. they were not mobile at the time for most of this time. a lot of them lost their cars. they were protecting their homes from looters. so we went to them. we went to these hard hit areas. we went to long beach. >> brian: where are you getting the money to provide this? >> that's the thing. i'm going to make a commitment on "fox & friends." your viewers have been so generous to us. i will make a commitment whether it takes a month, two months, three-month or a year, we will continue to do this as long as we have the funds and there is a need to suffolk county spca will continue to do that and i will make the commitment. >> the families are doing the hard things, they're holding on to the animal. they're not saying go find another home. you're trying to reward that commitment. >> that's exactly right. >> brian: "fox & friends".com and finding out how to help you out.
5:56 am
>> they can do that. the donations will be great. we have tons of food. we've already distributed tons of food and supplies to these people. last sunday we were in island park with a veterinarian and his staff providing free care to the animals that were brought in and distributing food. >> brian: how about this? what if people volunteered to be foster? >> yes, absolutely. please contact the spca for that also. we do have a list of people that are willing to foster. a lot of these people are still in their homes, the homes are destroyed. they will not leave and this is maybe a message that send out to people. be prepared. this is something that i don't believe is going to go away. it will happen again. people need to be ready and be prepared for another disaster. >> brian: thanks so much. all the information on the web site. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> brian: more "fox & friends" when we come back in two minutes
5:57 am
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